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Scarptec, Inc. specializes in value-added rock engineering solutions for the civil, mining, and energy industries. The sole reason for our existence is to help clients manage and mitigate risks arising from geologic hazards like unstable slopes and man-made excavations in bedrock.

We evaluate geotechnical slope and excavation-related hazards at their source, and assess risk to human life and real property. Scarptec provides rock engineering solutions focused on constructability.

Scarptec stands alone as the only exclusive rock engineering firm in the northeastern United States. Our technical evaluations and engineered mitigation measures will address rockfall/icefall hazards, slope design, rock slope and landslide remediation, anchorage design, and rock mass characterization for surface and underground excavations in bedrock.

Safety of our employees, guarding public welfare, and protection of our client’s interests are among our highest priorities.